Maggie Links


(I love Maggie's, but I have trouble finding things.  Think of this as the Idiots Guide to the JackCat)


   Quests (Maggie's extensive quest writeups)
   Collectors Dereth (Collectors and Crafters on Dereth)
   Collectors ML (Collectors and Crafters on Marae Lassel)
   Search (Search the JackCat's site with Google)
   Formulas (Infusions & Oils)
   Potions (Draughts, Potions, Elixirs, & Dispel Potions)
   Special Uses (Pyreal Ingots, Comp Bow parts, Impious Staff & Dyes)
   Alchemy Supplies (List of all alchemy supply vendors in Dereth)
   Food (Store bought food - lists the pyreal value, restorative value, and burden)
   The Pantry (Store bought cooking items - utensils and raw ingredients)
   Recipes (Recipes to make food items)
   Recipes Advanced (Recipes for mana and health foods)
   Food Supplies (List of all food supply vendors in Dereth)
   Cooking Supplies (List of all cooking supply vendors in Dereth)
   Fletching Items (List of every item an fletcher uses)
   Arrowheads (Fletching steps to make various arrowheads)
   Darts (Fletching steps to make various darts)
   Arrows (Fletching steps to make various arrows and quarrels)
   Whittling (Fletching steps in making shafts and splitting wrapped bundles)
   Fletching Supplies (List of all fletching supply vendors in Dereth)