Upcoming Special Events


Bonus Level Night Oct 23,2002 Wednesday Night

     Please come play on the Red world to hit our maximum capacity! If we get 3000 people playing hard in the game, we'll hit a critical landmark which will allow us to keep the Blue and Grey worlds open until the end of Beta. So come on in and play on Wednesday night between 7 and 9 PM Pacific.
     Admins will be randomly teleporting around the whole world during this time. If we see you fighting or crafting, we will give you enough XP to boost you (and your fellowship) a few levels.
     Don't just sit at the character screen or chat in town! And donít stop just because the Launcher world list says 3000-- that's just the number connected, not playing. More than 3000 will be even better! Keep at it until 9 PM Pacific. Thanks, and wish us luck!


AC2's end-of-beta special event  Oct 31 to Nov 3, 2002 

     Starting Oct. 31 will be the day for AC2's end-of-beta special event. We'll post a detailed teaser soon, but we wanted to give you advance notice as possible -- you will not want to miss this special event, which will give you a taste of the magic the AC2 live team will bring you every month. This episode of AC2 runs from 10/31-11/3.


AC2 released  November 22nd

     Look for AC2 on your store shelves Friday Nov 22nd.