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Our design class had Design I & II students in it. So the teacher had to juggle teaching two different classes at once. He gave us Design I students a list of instruction to work on so he could spend some time explaining Color Theory to the Design II students.

Our instructions went something like this... Draw a vertical line, draw a horizontal line, draw a curvilinear line, draw a diagonal line, draw another horizontal line, draw another vertical line, draw another curvilinear line. Then at random points on the lines, to thicken up portions of it. Below is what I came up with.

After we finished, we mounted our work and placed it on the critique wall. The instructor looked pleased and said that they all looked very good, then he walked up to mine and tapped it saying, "I really like this one". At the end of the semester, he looked over all my work to give me a final grade, when he came to this piece he said something like, "Wow, I wished I'd made this". He was very good for the ego.

Design I - First Project

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