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In Joey's puppy days, she had a website of her own, called Equipped with her own computer, web cam, and business cards, she was ready for primetime. She was only online for eight months, but she quickly became a star, with a small following of fans.

Joey's Business Card

When Joey and I took our walks downtown, people always stop us to ask about her. They didn't know what kind of dog she was, and they were impressed with her graceful walk, and proud stance. A poodle without poofy hair, confused people. After a short talk, I would hand them her business card, so they could see more of her on her webcam.
Trivia: The image on her business card is actually a silhouette of Joey.
Luke's Business Card

I couldn't let Joey have a business card, and not have one one myself. Unfortunately my title was Assistant to the Top Dog, to her title of The Top Dog. Not only that, but she had the catchy slogan Some people surf the web, I live on it.
Joey's dog pen, computer and web cam

Here's Joey's dog pen, computer, and webcam. This is where Joey danced and played for her audience. I wanted to give her a place to play in, where she could be a puppy (destructive). This worked out well, as this gives her a limited area to be in so she's always be in the view of the webcam.
Joey standing proudly in her pen

Joey standing proudly in her pen
Joey waiting patiently for me to come in the pen and play with her

Joey waiting patiently for me to come in the pen and play
A few kibbles are just out of Joey's reach.

I would place a few kibbles outside Joey's pen everyday. On this day, a few of them were just out of reach. Joey crouches down to examine the situation, unsure of what to do to get her kibbles. Her webcam can be seen on the shelf at the far left of the picture.
Joey lying down

Joey lying down, expecting a treat.
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