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It's winter, and with the sun going down early, the dogs are very sleepy.
Despite that, I attempt to take photos of my unwilling companions.

Eon showing his hansome whiskers

Eon showing the world that poodles with whiskers can be quite dashing. Every girl wants him, and every guy wants to be him.
Eon's menacing look

Oh my!  What a menacing look, from such a sweet dog. Perhaps Eon is tired of posing for photos.
Bear eye booger

A bit tired and harried, Bear's eyebrows and goatee are disheveled. Is that an eye booger? Perhaps he really is tired.
Bear looking up

Always the optimist, Bear looks up.
FeeFee showing her golden eyes

FeeFee showing her pretty golden eyes.
FeeFee put ou

Like the others, FeeFee is tired, and would rather be lying down than posing for pictures.
Joey seated

Joey sitting patiently.
Joey waiting

Barely moving during her photo shoot, Joey waits for me to finish.
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(I'm sure you already knew that.)

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