Luke's Fable Compendium

I first heard about this game a couple of years ago when it was named Project Ego. Since then it has been renamed to Fable, and will only be available for the Xbox.

What makes Fable so incredible is that the world is dynamic. Your character and the world, are changed by your actions. Your every deed will follow you through the game as your reputation grows.

Here is a blurb from it's creators...

Create your life story from childhood to death
   Grow from an inexperienced child
Into the most powerful being in the world
   Choose the path of righteousness
Or dedicate your life to evil
   Muscles expand with each feat of strength
And force of Will increases with each work of wit
   Obesity follows gluttony
Skin tans with exposure to sunlight
   And bleaches bone-white by moonlight
Earn scars in battle
   And lines of experience with age
Each person you aid
   Each flower you crush
      Each creature you slay
         Will change this world forever
            Who will you be?

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