Luke Spence

A Small Sample of My Photos

How to be Happy, clowns with Kilgore Rangerettes
How to be Happy, a couple of clowns sandwiched between Kilgore Rangerettes, Houston

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge at night, London

Cinco de Mayo
All dressed up for Cinco de Mayo, Houston

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty, NY

Big Bend
Big Ben at night, London

Texaco Building
Texaco Building, Houston

Houston at Night
Houston at Night, buildings in fog and mist

Kissing Cousins
Kissing Cousins, a Christmas kiss

Mossy roots
Mossy roots, somewhere in the Cotswold

Cheerleaders warming up
Cheerleaders warming up before the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Houston
Texas Cowgirl
Texas Cowgirl, Rodeo time in Houston

The Battle of Trafalgar pub
The Battle of Trafalgar pub, London

The street below
Looking twenty nine stories down at the street below, Houston

Christmas lights
Christmas Lights Downtown Houston

Wagon w/ my apartment in the background, Houston

Sunrise view of Hoouston from balcony
Sunrise view from my balcony at Houston House

Friendly smile
A friendly smile, Houston

Night view of Houston from balcony
Night view of downtown Houston from my apartment

Human statues
Human statues outside The Nag Head pub, London

Kilgore Rangerettes
Kilgore Rangerettes strike a pose for the camera, Houston

St Paul's Cathedral
St Paul's Cathedral, London

Fountain near Picadilly Circus
Fountain near Picadilly Circus, London

Fireworks display, Houston

The Twin Towers
View of the Twin Towers from the Statue of Liberty, NY