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Our four dogs, Eon, Joey, Bear, and FeeFee

DogPics of Eon, Joey, Bear, and FeeFee.

Pictures from 2012

Bear and Napoleon's Odd Haircuts  (8 pics)

Pictures from 2007

Breakfast at FeeFee's  (4 pics)
Bear Day  (5 pics)
December 07  (8 pics)

Pictures from 2006

Old is New  (8 pics)
Mr. Stick vs. The Dogs  (15 pics)

Pictures from 2005

Snow Day  (17 pics)
Haircut  (4 pics)
Thanksgiving at the Grandparents  (9 pics)

Pictures from 2004

Friends  (14 pics)
An April Afternoon  (10 pics)
Blackburn Park  (16 pics)

Pictures from 2003

At the grandparents  (9 pics)
Kirkwood House  (10 pics)
Java Toffee "FeeFee"  (10 pics)
Josephine "Joey"  (10 pics)
Kodiak Bear "Bear"  (10 pics)
Napoleon "Eon"  (7 pics)

Pictures from 2000

At Six Months  (17 pics)
Joey-Cam  (7 pics)
In the Beginning  (7 pics)
Puppies!!!  (6 pics)

Other Dog Pictures

Internet Dogs  ( 2 pics ) ( more to be added over time )

Bios of Eon, Joey, Bear, and FeeFee

Napoleon "Eon" Wickey-Spence Napoleon "Eon" - male, black miniature poodle, born 11/8/1999

Name: Every Josephine needs a Napoleon, so his name was an easy one.

Traits: He is a clinically depressed fecophiliac, with a severe Oedipus complex, other than that, he's wonderful.  Ever loyal to his mother, he slips into occasional fits of depression, sitting in his mothers spot on the couch while she's away.  He plays well with the other dogs, but he is happiest sitting alone in a corner.
Napoleon "Eon" Wickey-Spence

Joesephine "Joey" Wickey-Spence Josephine "Joey" - female, black miniature poodle, born 11/30/1999

Name: The day she was bought, I put her in a baby sling and carried her everywhere I went.  The name Joey seemed fitting, as young marsupials, like kangaroos, are called joeys.

Traits: She is by far the smartest dog I've ever known, and she loves to perform tricks.  She's very energetic, and never tires of playing fetch.
Joesephine "Joey" Wickey-Spence

Kodiak Bear "Bear" Wickey-Spence Kodiak Bear "Bear" - male, chocolate miniature poodle, born 9/16/2000

Name: The breeders called him Bear, because of his round bottom and a short stubby tail.  I added Kodiak to his name.  At first I planned on calling him Kodi for short, but somehow he ended up as Bear.

Traits: Similar to Joey, Bear is very active, agile, and playful. Unlike Joey, he can be very timid, and less sure of himself.
Kodiak Bear "Bear" Wickey-Spence

Java Toffee "FeeFee" Wickey-Spence Java Toffee "FeeFee" - female, chocolate miniature poodle, born 9/9/2000

Name: Her name, was the strangest pick of all.  Her mothers name was Mocha.  Which brought up memories of a favorite ice cream, Java Toffee.  The word toffee sounds very similar to FeeFee, which seems French.  When people think of poodles, they often think of France, so it was a done deal.  Probably not the best way to name your dog

Traits: Do the names Jekyll and Hyde give you a clue?  With humans, she is the sweetest thing in the world.  Light as a feather, she will curl up with you, and you will barely notice her.  On occasion she will gently give you one or two tiny kisses, and lay her head quietly on your shoulder.  However, with her brothers and sister, she's a pill.  Outsized and outweighed, this little girl holds her own and keeps her siblings in check.
Java Toffee "FeeFee" Wickey-Spence

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