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Luke Spence

Programmer, artist, doggie lover, great grandson of the famous Cracker Jack toy designer C. Carey Cloud, and proud member of the Cracker Jack Collectors Association. Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace, always under construction, and never finished.

There are quite a few Luke Spence's in the world. Every couple of months I get an e-mail from someone wondering if I'm the Luke they knew long ago. So to save a step in the process, I put a sampling of my photos below, arranged by decade. Am I the one you're looking for?

Luke Spence in the 1960's Luke Spence in the 1970's Luke Spence in the 1980's w/ Chris Spence Luke Spence in the 1990's Luke Spence in the 2000's

I've compiled a list of other Luke Spence's, perhaps you can find who you're looking for there.


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