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This was a class project that I wasn't looking forward to doing. I came up with quite a few concepts, but I was unhappy with all of them. I started with a poster called Gecko Madness, then I moved on to Attack of the Waffle People. Next came Geriatric Frankenstein, which had lots of promise, but after a few days, it was also abandoned. Finally, I settled on a little gem that I call, Baby Frankenstein.

What's not to love about Baby Frankenstein? Impatient with the whole birthing process, he performed his own C-section, bursting into the world. Arriving sooner than expected, mom didn't have everything ready. No pacifier? That's alright, Baby Frankenstein is very clever and creative, and found one on his own. This baby will love you to pieces.

Corel Painter - B Movie Poster - Baby Frankenstein

A better look at his beady little eye, and the scar that runs through it.
Corel Painter - B Movie Poster - Baby Frankenstein

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