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   Gazing out the window
Bear Wickey-Spence

Bear quietly looks out the window, watching people with their dogs playing in Blackburn Park.
Bear Wickey-Spence

A grasshopper bumping into the window, interrupts Bears daydream.
Bear & Josephine "Joey" Wickey-Spence

While waiting to go outside, Joey & Bear sun themselves at the window.
Josephine "Joey" Wickey-Spence

Joey finds a comfortable spot for a little bird watching.
  The Couch
FeeFee Wickey-Spence

FeeFee in her favorite spot, doing what she does best. 
Napoleon "Eon" Wickey-Spence

In a melancholy mood, Eon sulks in the corner of the couch waiting for his mother to come home.
Napoleon "Eon" Wickey-Spence

Attempting to lift Eon's spirits, I call his name and wave.  His eyes dart around, trying not to look at me. 
  The bathroom
Josephine "Joey" Wickey-Spence

Joey's a blur as she violently thrashes the evil snake, in an attempt to stun it.
Josephine "Joey" Wickey-Spence

Wrestled to the ground, Joey bites the giant snake, just behind it's head.
Josephine "Joey" Wickey-Spence

Victorious in combat, Joey proudly displays her victim.
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