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The Stick  
Eon prepared to steal the stick from Joey

Eon cautiously mouths the stick he plans to steal from Joey.
Tug-of-war between Eon and Joey

The tug-of-war ensues, as Eon vigorously tries to yank the stick away from Joey.
Joey chasing Eon

Stick in mouth, Eon flees the scene of the crime, Joey is in hot pursuit.
Joey rests while Eon chews on the stick

Eon lies down to enjoy some stick chewing, meanwhile Joey takes a breather
Joey and Eon restin, while Eon holds his stick

Eon and Joey resting in the grass, with Eon holding on to the stick.
The Fight  
Eon and Joey play fighting

Fangs showing, Eon and Joey play fighting looks worse than it is.
Joey rears up over Eon

Eon lying in the grass while Joeys rears above him.
Eon on his back, Joey standing over him

Eon tires of the playing and lies on his back, while Joey stands victorious over him.
The Water Bowl  
Eon and Joey at the waterbowl

Eon and Joey take a break from their playing to enjoy a drink of water.
Eon and Joey look over at their mother

Eon and Joey's eyes are on their mother, as she chides Eon for flipping the water bowl.
Eon lying down, Joey standing

Eon lies down in the shade as Joey runs around.
Eon and Joey standing

Eon and Joey waiting for a fetch toy to be thrown.
Joey standing

Joey standing proudly.
Joey looking up

Joey waiting next to the upturned water bowl for a drink.
Silhouette of Joey

Silhouette of Joey, as she stands in the shade.
Eon walking

Eon on the prowl.
Eon standing

Eon standing proudly.
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